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Who we are

Founded in 1993, Ever Unison quickly ascended as a premier producer of melamine products in China. For 20+ years our teams iterated on materials and mechanics to deliver the safest products for our partners. We hold ourselves strictly accountable to the quality of our products, and today, our production line extends to 130 sets with a registered capital of $10.67 million USD.

Partners consist primarily of wholesalers and retailers who source our products for the end consumer. At the same time, we also participate in OEM projects with corporations such as Disney, McDonald’s, and Warner Brothers. Our collections vary widely and cover most of melamine’s practical uses in the kitchen and dining room. Tableware & Displayware include and are not limited to plates, bowls, kitchen utensils, serving trays, sauce dishes, and many more. You name it, we make it.

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Safety First

At Ever Unison, nothing else matters if we cannot guarantee the safety of our products. From day one we built into our DNA that consumer health has utmost priority. This means a relentless vetting of all ingredients and uncompromising enforcement of factory protocols. Sacrificing safety for cost is not an option.

Practical Elegance

Melamine offers an unique set of benefits that other tableware materials cannot match. To name a few, melamine is shatterproof, heat resistant, cold insulated, relatively inexpensive yet capable of having enough weight, color, and design to mimic fine ceramic. We intend to maximize the potential of each of these qualities to bring “practically elegant” products to your table.

Accessibility & Transparency

Basing our production facilities in Kunshan, we are only a short drive from Shanghai. We understand that in order to build trust, we must remain accessible to anybody who wishes to experience first hand how our products are made. To prove the quality of our products, we believe transparency is the best way.


Meeting the requirements of the international standard health examination, Ever Unison’s material and product are guaranteed to be non-toxic

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